10 Apr 2022



With the spirit of Hinduism with Shri Ram in our hearts , in our soul , in each breath would strike our heels, flex our knees, stretch our bodies and with full enthusiasm & energy start the race spreading righteousness, integrity, kindness and compassion in human race not only in our country India but also across the globe to launch it as "The Ram Run - A Global Event of Belief & Trust"

Ram Astha Mission Foundation on the pious occasion of Dussehra is looking forward to create an outstanding event the first of its own kind in the history of the world of Hinduism when people all across the globe in their own cities in lakhs & crores would run together virtually chanting the name of Shri Ram making a promise to themselves to revive , spread & implement the teachings of Shri Ram and render their services to humanity. It is an attempt to embody the principles of Shri Ram be it just a fraction only.

This run - a mass movement of Unity, Strength, Peace and Harmony would propel us forward to be like Shri Ram, who fought evil and injustice coming out victorious, proving that howsoever powerful evil is , good moral values, commitment to duties, humility & courage will help you attain success. We as followers of Shri Ram have a mission to propagate and spread these golden teachings and unite and integrate all those who love Shri Ram, follow him and worship him to create a model of futuristic society with powerful ethical and spiritual values. Show the world our wisdom & our power. Lets all come together, run together for a cause & we take this opportunity to invite you to join Ram Astha Mission and celebrate Ramnavmi with a goal of establishing universal peace, harmony & brotherhood.

Worldwide this run starts on Sunday 10th April with the rising sun at 5.00 am. Because of Corona pandemic and to maintain the guidelines of the government we will not be able to enmasse run in groups and crowds but virtually we can be bonded together running drowned in the sea of ecstasy of Love and Dedication for Shri Ram brimming with thoughts & emotions of same wavelength inspiring each other and treasure the enlightenment achieved post run. Run wherever you are, you can contribute as a runner, as a volunteer, as a contributor, as a motivator, as a social worker, as a helper for the betterment of the society and for the welfare of humanity. Celebrate the birth of Shri Ram by offering yourself in this remarkable event reflecting morality and establishing the saga of Dharma & Karma.



10 April 2022

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