About The Ram Run

What is Ram Run?

It’s a run for every citizen of India. Every stride that you make, be it nine steps, nine minutes or nine kilometers. Every footstep should be a dedication to Shri Ram. It is an occasion to be lived and cherished by every Indian with other members, his family and friends. This is a run for every person who holds lord Rama dear and worships his goodness and greatness. It is for every person who idolizes Rama, stands in awe of this country and every fellow Indian.

What is the significance and purpose of Shri Ram Run?

Shriram Run is a family for every Indian and Indians living abroad. This is the extended family which will gather this 17th October 2021 and then keep meeting on various occasions all throughout the year. This run is a festival which will be celebrated when all of us get together. When we meet we will rejoice in his name and celebrate the greatness of this country and celebrate our love and faith towards the lord.

How to participate in Ram Run?

1.Click on www.theramrun.com or www.shriramrun.com
2.Fill your details and register yourself to be a part of this grand event – The Ram Run
3.Download the strava app & join The Ram Run club - https://www.strava.com/clubs/theramrun
4.Track your run through the strava app and share with the world and us.
5.Establish new records and support others to participate and complete the run.

How and when to run in Ram Run?

You can participate in the run on 17TH October from 5:00 AM till 11:00 PM. You will have to complete the run in one go. You can register your attendance by logging in the strava app. You can monitor the distance travelled by you through the app. Click here to join the strava club

How to be a part of the Run?

After registering yourself you can be a part of the run. You can also be a part of the run even if you do not want to run by supporting us in other ways but registration is mandatory. You cannot participate in the run if you do not register. We will not be able to recognize any effort or support without registration of the candidate. Our organization will utilize every person who wants to support the Run and your support will be made public only after your consent. Your faith is your participation and support for the event. You can also connect with us on our mail ID: [email protected]

Why is it mandatory to register for providing support in the run?

Nobody will become a participant in the run without registration. After registration the person will be provided a Ramsevak ID card. The ID card will include details of your work and responsibilities which you will have to keep at all times during the event.

Why to register for the run?

Shriram Run is the first of its kind run in the entire world. This run will attain new heights and glory around the world. Every Indian who becomes a part of the run will express his live and respect for his country. It is essential to register for the run. After the run is completed you will be awarded with a certificate and a medal only if you have registered with us.

What will happen if I run without registration?

On Ram Navmi every person can participate in the run. You can also share your pictures through different social media with everybody in the world. You can run without registration but you will not be able to have any record of the support extended by you by being a participant in this epic event.

How to organize the run in your city?

This year the first Sunday after Dussehra i.e. October 17,2021 this run will be organized across the globe. You will have to make some preparations in your city before the run. You will have to form a ten members team which will be responsible for conducting all activities for the run. All members of the team will have to register on the website. Everybody will work as per assigned responsibility. Their work will mainly include facilitating all government permissions, making a plan for the city and then uploading it on [email protected] and also marking and planning the route which will be taken by the run, arranging drinking water, awareness and other IEC for the run and to arrange as many people as they can for making this run a success. These ten team members can organize the run in their cities. All runs have been divided into different slots as per the distance. All these can have a common beginning point. You can contact us on [email protected] for any more information.

How to promote the The Ram Run?

Every individual can plan the ways and means of publicizing the run as per his choice. You can use hashtags on social media to make it popular. The website of ram Run will make many articles available and these can be ordered by you for yourself, your friends, colleagues through the online portal. How to send suggestions to Ram Run? We hope that all of us can make this run a success by our joint efforts. We will be happy to hear from you and your valuable suggestions towards making this run a success. You can share your suggestions on this mail ID- [email protected]

How to contribute in The Ram Run?

This run connects us as Indians on a deeper level. By becoming a part of the run and affirming your faith you are becoming a part of this grand event and this will be an experience of a life time which you can appreciate with your family and friends. You can contact us for any contributions you would like to make towards the run.

How to participate in the run as a group?

If you want to include a group in the run then it is better you register everybody separately through the portal. If it is not possible to register separately then choose the register as a group option and accordingly chose from the options made available on the portal.

Is this Ram Run only for Hindus?

This run is for everybody irrespective of their race, religion, caste or creed. This is a run to commemorate this country, its rich culture and heritage and a run to express the pride and adulation we have as Indians for this country.

Can the run be organized in different parts of the same city?

The virtual run can be done from anywhere but the physical event will be a bigger and this will depend on the size of the city. It is a better idea to have one run in one city so it can be managed effectively. The information of the ten members team organizing the event in the city will be displayed on the portal

Do we need permission from the government to conduct this run in our city?

Whenever an event of such a magnitude is organized; the safety, traffic, parking and law n order etc. need to be under consideration hence it is important to take permission from the local administration for the same. The Ram Astha Mission will not be able to conduct the run without requisite government permissions. For the virtual run everybody is free to do that and participate from wherever they wish.

Who can participate in Ram run?

Running is a good exercise and people from all age groups and walks of life can participate in the event. You should not participate if your doctor has advised you against strenuous activities And if you want to still contribute you can register and join the run as a volunteer and contribute in other planning activities.

Who cannot participate in the Ram run?

Anybody who has some chronic illness or is otherwise advised by doctor, is above 60 years of age or below 18 years of age cannot participate in the run. Under special circumstances a medical certificate or a consent letter from parents respectively will be needed towards participation.

What to wear in Ram Run?

You can wear any Indian dress which is comfortable and does not interfere with running. It will be best if you can wear the dress designed specially for the event along with the kits available on the store section of website.

Who is organizing the Run?

Ram Astha Mission Foundation (India), a section 8 non-profit organization is organizing the run.

Who are the members of the working committee and how can one become a part of it?

It is a matter of pride to be part of the Ram Astha Mission. Kindly send your brief description to us on [email protected] The mission team will connect with you regarding the eligibility of your participation depending on various factors.

Who will get the medal and certificates?

Any person who has registered on the site for the run will be eligible for kit as per registration.

What is Shri Ram Van?

Shri Ram Van is an initiative by Ram Astha Mission Foundation for making the earth greener and preserving biodiversity. We are doing afforestation in many cities of the country. Under this initiative we will also plant a tree in Shri Ram Van on behalf of the participant of The Ram Run which costs us 342/- per tree.